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Today, environmental protection and conservation of natural resources has assumed greater importance, more than ever before. With growing industrialization in the cities and Emergence of Chemical Industries in the last decade has changed the Economic scenario of the Country, but brought in new challenges in the protection of Environment. The treatment of Industrial Hazardous Wastes has become a major problem.

Hazardous Wastes from Industries, Research Institutions etc, if mixed with municipal garbage, can give rise to epidemics. Today, there is a sharp focus on keeping the environment clean and green. With increasingly stringent regulations, industries and other establishments are on the lookout for an effective technology to treat the Hazardous Wastes they generate.

GOMTI GROUP, with over two decades of experience and expertise in the field of Handling Hazardous Wastes has set up a Common Hazardous Waste Incinerator Plant, under the title GOMTI INCINCO and installed a PYROLYTIC INCINERATOR, specifically designed to treat waste of infectious and hazardous nature.

The unit GOMTI INCINCO is situated in a 1 acre plot in Kumbalgodu on the Bangalore – Mysore highway about 20 km from Bangalore. The plant has an incinerable capacity of 900 MT / A.

The Prime objective of GOMTI INCINCO in  management of Hazardous Wastes is, to concentrate, convert, and separate pollutants from its media, eliminate / reduce the impact on the environment by Incineration of Hazardous wastes, based on the Principles of three ‘T’ s viz. Time, Temperature and Turbulence, the Incinerator is designed to achieve the desired Destruction and Removal Efficiency (DRE) along with stringent emission norms laid down by the Central Pollution Control Board, and State Pollution Control Board.

Incineration Plant at GOMTI INCINCO

Handling of Hazardous Toxic wastes, calls for perfectly streamlined operational methods, and automated machinery, free of manual influence.

Collection of Hazardous Wastes:

A fleet of LMV vehicles regularly call at the customer’s doorstep to collect Hazardous Wastes.  These vehicles are built to the standards specified by the Government Agencies and are duly certified by them
The collected hazardous waste when brought into the factory facility will be stored in prescribed Waste bins in order to maintain cleanliness and an effluent free zone.


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